Neptune G2


Neptune G2 provides the accurate and comprehensive motion measurement data for various aircrafts.It has two modes: GNSS/INS and AHRS/DR.When the GNSS signal is effective, the system will shift to GNSS/INS mode, providing accurate data of position, velocity, attitude, etc.When the GNSS signal is invalid, it will shift to AHRS/DR mode automatically.Neptune G2 contains the function of dead reckoning attitude heading reference.
Neptune G2 includes triaxial gyroscope, triaxial accelerometer, triaxial magnetometer, GNSS module, barometric altimeter, airspeed gauge and a thermometer. It provides real-time information of attitude angle, quaternion, 3D angular rate, 3D position, 3D velocity, 3D acceleration, true airspeed, calibration airspeed and UTC time, etc.

  • Up to 200Hz navigation data output frequency
  • Improved AHRS,observably decrease the effect caused by magnetic field interference and vibration acceleration
  • With flexible protocol,users could configure the output data they need conveniently
  • Flexible way of installation via arbitrary angle,arbitrary position
  • User-friendly evalution softare
  • Provide models of integrated Beidou navigation
  • Applied in various classes of equipment
System Parameters
Heading Angle Range 0-360°
Roll Angle Range ±180°
Pitch Angle Range ±90°
Dynamic Pitching/Rolling Accuracy 0.5°
Static Pitching/Rolling Accuracy 0.2°
Dynamic Heading Accuracy
Static Heading Accuracy 0.8°
Attitude Angle Resolution 0.1°
Quaternion Output support
3D Angular Rate Range ±300 or ±12000°/sec(optional)
3D Location Accuracy 1m
Longitude And Latitude Resolution 1e-7°
3D Velocity Accuracy 0.02m/s
3D Acceleration Range ±18g
Airspeed Accuracy 1m/s
Barometer Accuracy 1m
UTC Output Support
Physical Features
Weight 138g
Size 78*62*34mm
Operating Temperature -40~85℃
Electrical Features
Supply Voltage 7~32V
Power Consumption 1800mW
Communication Features
Data Output Rate 200Hz adjustable
I/O RS232
Baud Rate 115200/256000

So far,thousands of UAV and robots have been installed with Neptune.


Neptune and Pluto navigation products use RS232 / TTL serial output of the motion data of the carriers in real time. We design the evaluation software GI-Center to bring more convenience to users, from which users are able to observe the motion data of the object directly. GI-Center provides output data configuration, magnetic calibration, installation calibration, etc. it could also record the output data from Neptune & Pluto for data analysis.



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